Pippinia People

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Eberk Boulderkiln
Pidget Gemfizzle & Charlie



Dorlin: Wizard, tinkerer, gnome, male
Professor Baran: female, gnome/dwarf, Botany Professor
Kester: male, gnome, Professor Baran's TA
Arlie: female, dwarf, past adventurer, now owner of a the Ale Keep, a bar & inn with connections to the tinkerer's guild
Tory: male, gnome, Dorlin's bff, adventurer, deceased
Alford: Alchemist's guild representative. Has special connection with Eberk. Gave party 3 spare potions.
Gunter: librarian at the university; charmed by Eberk who think's he's a professor at the university
Dolmy: Male dwarf that works at front help desk in the University. Really into fan fic and MASH.

Volcanic Plains

Bellard Sifturn: male, gnome, solved Tory's puzzle
Harald: dwarf that owns the tavern


Lorsatir: male, dwarf, Pidget's contact at the Guild in Pirn

Hanging Gardens

Ardreth: female, elf, owner of Ardreth's Enchanted Teas; helped find the areas where The Plant to be planted
Theodmon: male, elf, wizard; one of the elders of the Hanging Gardens, asked Pidget to fix their clock that was a gift from the city of Shram

Dreammist Site & Sacred Grove

Venali: elvish inn owner, pet snake draped around her shoulders
Rinjag: older gnome man, runs the apothecary; paranoid, but gave the group information regarding the Sacred Grove

Veragi Ni

Gillian: female, dwarf, merchant, Eberk's informant
Hjalnom Boulderkiln: Eberk's youngest
Gerrard: a Boulderkiln servant


Keldrack Turngrim: male, dwarf, mayor
Riswynn: female, dwarf, demolitions expert


Garm Blourgleam: male, gnome; Pidget's cousin who invited the group to Willowton for Reaping Day; accidentally put a curse upon the city after trying to cast a spell in an effort to be more like Pidget
Lil' Draggy: talkative, gold-loving Faerie Dragon of adult age who latched onto the group after they found a mysterious pile of gold