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This is the central hub for any out of game role-playing to be done for you central people. Feel free to make links to separate pages if you want, or just role play here, and we can move stuff elsewhere if need be. I've made some categories that might be useful, but what do I know?

Campfire Conversations

Setting: The party has just begun its way towards Winterhaven, the first ever place they visit together. They have stopped for the night and will likely reach Winterhaven the next day. The party still doesn't know each other well but they are slowly becoming friends...

Kadros was miffed. He'd spent hardly a day with these 'companions', if you could call this ragtag bunch of loonies anything close to that, and already he was the token lackey. "Carry this haversack for seven hours straight, would you, Kadros?" "It's only 50 lbs, and you're so strong. Shouldn't be problem for you." "Oh, I'm sure you must be tired from all that walking, but could you go find us some water? Thaaaanks, you're a pal." "I'm so huuuuungry. I know, let's make a fire! Get us some firewood, tiefling!"

And so here he was, getting that firewood. If you could even call it that. He grimaced at the measly pile of kindling in his arms and sighed, annoyed. "Oh sure, git th' tiefling to do it," he mumbled in a whiny voice (mocking a particular elf's own distinctive tone), maturely making awkward faces to accompany his rantings. "'s not like we don't already have a big, hulkin' lizard to take care of these things." It wasn't his fault he was scrawny. And underfed. And that this bloody wilderness had a complete lack of anything remotely flammable. Kadros scuffed his boots against the dirt, feeling a small bit of satisfaction when he accidentally squished a small sprout with his toe. Served it right.

Eventually, after some unsuccessful attempts to add to his pile, Kadros made his way back to their camp. For his part, he did try to sneak back in, though the effect was lost when he tripped over one of Yupa's many weapons lying around the clearing. He deftly managed to regain his balance, however, and quickly hurried to the campfire in hopes of avoiding any further embarrassment. The young rogue dumped his rather unimpressive amount of firewood into the blaze, jumping back a bit as the flames lit eagerly around the crisp twigs and sticks. Ignoring what he assumed were looks of disdain at his minimal contribution, the tiefling huffed off and settled onto an overturned treetrunk in a corner. And then Kadros did what he has always done the best. He sulked.

Tathian poked at the fire a bit before she sat down with her bowl of stew. She breathed in deeply and smiled. "Doesn't smell half bad, does it?" she asked as she spooned some into her mouth. "Doesn't taste bad either. Here, have some," she nodded to the rest of the party.

Wisit rolled her eyes discreetly at the pouting tiefling, reminding herself once again that so far Kadros had proven himself far more useful in battle than he acted outside of it and, therefore, was worth it to keep on the payroll. Once the flames settled down after flaring up from the contribution of fuel from Kadros, she leaned in and moved around some of the bigger pieces with a large stick to help keep the fire within the bounds of its pit.

"So," she glanced up at Tathian, though also included the moody tiefling in her attempt at conversation. "How much experience do you have with fighting creatures related to the occult?" Wisit herself knew vaguely what it was they were being sent to Winterhaven to take care of and was aware they would be dealing with things that weren't exactly natural to this world, so to speak. That is, her clerical order had made it clear they would be running into undead, amoungst other things. She just hoped this mixed group she had hired would be able to stand up to whatever challenge they had ahead of them. Not that she had much worry for herself or Lord Yupa, but Wisit had heard of a handful of stories where new fighters hired themselves out under the pretext that their fighting skill and experience were much greater than what they really were.


Tathian spooned some soup into her mouth as she listened to her now leader, Wisit. She smiled as she swallowed her last spoonful, "I haven't fought at all to be honest!" she said happily. "I'm not worried though, I've won multiple archery competitions in my village. Besides, I highly doubt we'll meet that many evil creatures!"

Tathian laughed a bit as she got up to clean her bowl. She was liking these people already, they all seemed like quite pleasant creatures. She was curious to explore the lands and so had decided to go along with the party and see what happened. So far it was a bit unexciting but that didn't matter, she was sure something would happen soon.


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